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24 February 2020

London’s flexible offices have some of the best amenities in the world. You’ll be hard pressed to find a coworking space in the capital without meeting rooms, a reception and dedicated breakout space. On site cafes, gyms and wellness spaces are fast becoming commonplace too.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The demand for offices with childcare services has soared recently, and a number of indie coworking operators are embracing the trend.

Cuckooz Nest in Clerkenwell offers flexible childcare and coworking memberships.

Who needs offices with childcare?

Escalating childcare costs and inflexible nursery arrangements make it difficult for freelancers to achieve a work life balance. So combining flexible coworking memberships with flexible childcare in the same building is a no-brainer.

Child-friendly coworking space members typically pay for the childcare hours they use, whereas traditional nurseries charge for full-term periods. Coming the two also eliminates the commute, saves time, and reduces carbon emissions. What’s not to love?!

Let’s take a look at the top 5 offices with childcare…

1. Third Door

Location: Putney

Third Door was the first coworking space with childcare to open in London in 2010. In an interview with Forbes, Founder and Managing Director Shazia Mustafa explains: “Our mission with Third Door is to enable as many people as possible to have a successful career and a happy family life. More recently we have seen an explosion in coworking spaces, whilst the nursery industry has pretty much stayed the same with little innovation.”

Members can use an online system to book nursery slots up to 48 hours in advance. Fixed and flexible packages are available which enables members flex up and down as they see fit.  Members also get free access to the coworking space.

2. Cuckooz Nest

Location: Clerkenwell

As well as being incredibly stylish, Cuckooz Nest comes with its own sleeping pod for working parents! Charlie Rosier and Fabienne O’Neill co-founded the space after experiencing the challenges of childcare in London.

“With UK childcare currently equating to roughly a third of the average household income, the cost of childcare has become a major issue and is keeping parents out of work.  London has the worst maternal employment rate in the UK – if we improved this to meet the UK average a further 80,000 more mothers could be in work,” explains Rosier.

3. Second Home

Location: London Fields

Second Home London Fields is the coworking operator’s fourth location in London. It opened its doors to entrepreneurs and parents in 2019 to critical acclaim. The exterior and plant-filled interior are inspired by German architect and engineer Frei Otto, who led pioneering research techniques into biophilic structural forms. 

Second Home London Fields – mixing coworking with childcare.

N Family Club Nursery provides on-site childcare for Second Home London Fields members. There’s even a fun (and secure) rooftop play zone with water, plants and muddy play stations.

4. Huckletree West

Location: White City

Situated in the heart of White City’s creative campus, Huckletree West is a child-friendly workspace and accelerator for “parent-preneurs”. (Business owners who don’t have young kids are also welcome). The workspace boasts first-class amenities – including a podcasting studio for content creators. Members also gain access to a programme of inspirational events led by experts and social get togethers.

Coding school Mums in Tech, community app Mush and freelancer network Doing it for the Kids regularly host workshops and events in the space. 

40% of Huckletree West is comprised of breakout space.

5. Bloomsbury Beginnings

Location: Clerkenwell

Clerkenwell’s creche-meets-incubator focuses on turning ideas into realities. The six-session startup programme is facilitated by Ann Nkune, founder of Bloomsbury Beginnings CIC, and hosted in the calm surroundings of Calthorpe Community Garden.

Each group contains eight founders max, which helps participants to collaborate effectively as a group. Participants can take their under 1s or the project can arrange alternative 1:1 childcare at an extra cost. Parents can also sign up to workshops and networking events.

“Only 2% of coworking spaces offer childcare.” – Deskmag

Running a coworking space with childcare is tough. Operators need to comply with additional regulations and register with Ofsted, which involves making sure there’s enough space for members and infants and ensuring that the ratio of staff to children is compliant.

Additional insurance, rent and licenses also have to be factored in. 

Despite the challenge there’s clearly a huge demand, so we expect many more coworking spaces to follow suit in the near future.

Check our London workspaces page for more offices with childcare.

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