How to rent an office space that's right for your business?

See here the answers to most questions you may have when renting or leasing an office space

What are your fees?

We don’t charge fees to businesses who are looking for serviced office space. We are compensated by the office providers with an industry-approved fee for new introductions.



How does it work?

We start with an initial consultation and organize your entire search, finding space that meets your criteria and arranging all viewings and subsequent negotiations.

We believe that having the right office can make a massive difference to your business prospects and your workforce’s happiness. We pride ourselves on matching businesses with the right office space and we do this by getting to know our clients personally.



What is a serviced office?

A serviced office is a furnished and fully-equipped pay-as-you-go office space that’s located in a managed building. There are typically some communal areas used by all tenants, these usually include reception areas, lounges, kitchens, break areas and bathrooms. Typically all costs including, but not limited to, rent, business rates, property taxes, utilities, facilities management, furnishings, IT, refreshments are included in a fixed monthly fee.



What type of office space do you offer?

We do not own or rent offices directly, our goal is to find the ideal workspace for your business and facilitate your signing-up process. This means we are the perfect tool to help you find the solution you need. See the services we can help you find here. 



What type of office space will I need?

The type of office space you may need depends on several factors, from the size of your team to the number of on-site meetings you need to cater for to nature of your business. We can discuss your business needs in a telephone consultation and can recommend different types of space to focus your search.



Do you offer short-term office solutions?

Yes. We have relationships with multiple workspace providers and can negotiate a short-term solution at a competitive price so that an interim move can be as stress-free as possible. We can also help find a long-term office solution. Typical terms are flexible and range from 1 to 36 months as this enables businesses to scale up or down as required within their commitment term. Some operators will also rent office space by the day or the week.



Do you find workspace overseas?

We source offices and workspaces across London, the UK and beyond and have strong links with workspace providers in Europe, North and South America and further afield. Our service is dedicated to finding the right solution and we know exactly where to start our search no matter where you need to move to, all thanks to our experience and expertise.



Can you help manage other aspects of an office move?

-Office relocation

-Telephony VOIP systems

-Home relocation (e.g. when a staff member is relocated with their family)

See more services in our Partner's page here.



What size of office will I need?

Every business is different, but the amount of people in your team is a good indicator of the amount of square footage and desk space you’ll need. A private office within a serviced building is divided on a per person basis. As a rule of thumb operators allow 40 sq ft per person within each demise but depending on the operator’s brand, offering and style, the allocation per desk can vary from 25 to 60 sq ft per person. The larger the team, the fewer sq ft per person is needed as the concentration of desks optimizes the use of space. Additional space might be required should you need storage space, dedicated meeting rooms, executive suites etc, within your demise. Please note that all shared facilities are not factored into this calculation as they are included in your rental.


A typical guide is as follows:


Office Size Recommended capacity  Maximum capacity
110 sq ft 2 desks 3-4 desks
300 sq ft 6 desks  9-10 desks
550 sq ft 12 desks 18-20 desks



Do I need to pay for business rates or utility bills on the top of the office rental?

Typically, fully serviced offices charge per person, per month with a flat rate that includes rent, business rates or local equivalent taxes, utilities and service charges.


Additionally, you may find the following included in your rental agreement:


• High-speed internet

• Service charge

• Maintenance

• Building costs and buildings insurance

• Utilities (Electricity, Gas & Water)

• 24/7 access and security

• Daily cleaning

• Kitchen & breakout areas (teas, coffee and water available)

• Office furniture

• Bathrooms & Showers

• Bike storage

• Parking

• Meeting room credits

• Refreshments

• Event space



What is not included in a Serviced Space?

  • VAT (all office quotes and related services are subject to local VAT rates)
  • Ad-hoc services: in some office spaces, meeting room usage, printing at event space hire can be charged separately or your rental may include a limited allowance.
  • IT & Telephony: basic internet is normally included although most operators will charge a minimal monthly fee per telephone line and the outgoing calls will be charged on a usage basis


How secure is a serviced office?

Serviced offices offer a fully secure environment that is surveyed by CCTV.  Access to most buildings is managed and monitored via the latest security systems to ensure maximum peace of mind.



Can I set up my own internet and server in a serviced office?

In a serviced office it is not always possible to have your own internet and server although most serviced offices will include this as part of the package. Bespoke solutions are however available at an additional cost through the operator’s telecoms provider.



What if my question isn’t answered here?

If you still have more questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email our team using the contact details below:


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