Flexible Workspace, Serviced Offices & Co-Working Spaces are changing the way we lease a workplace

Modern businesses need modern offices

That means greater flexibility: 


  • Simple Contracts with Easy Terms
  • Great services & State of the art facilities
  • Flexibility to Change Location
  • Flexibility to Scale-up & Down 


 So what does a modern office look like?


You’ll have no doubt heard of serviced offices, business centres, flexible workspaces, creative workspaces and co-working spaces, but essentially these are all the same thing with different names.


There are now more start-ups than ever before and more demand for flexible workspaces and adjustable contracts.

In response, landlords and business centre operators have started to provide all-inclusive office solutions with flexible terms, ad-hoc services and competitive prices.

It’s a new and exciting era for businesses and workspace opportunities.


Consequently “serviced offices” or “flexible workspaces” are now available everywhere, no matter your ideal location, industry type or specific needs.  


How flexible workspaces work?


Office space providers compete by offering different design styles that respond to new work culture demand. In addition, some will offer in-house community activities, networking opportunities, state of the art amenities and other inclusive services.

The most popular choice among smaller businesses, start-ups and SMEs is the all-inclusive office, and it is now becoming the preferred choice for bigger enterprises too, as it means they can minimize the management resources needed versus a conventional lease.

At First Office Hub we scan the market and liaise with workspace providers to come up with the ideal solution for your unique business needs.


So what is a serviced office?


Imagine a workspace that is fully-equipped and accompanied by ad-hoc services available on a pay-as-you-go basis. A bit like a hotel for "business homes".


Typically all costs including, but not limited to, rent, business rates, property taxes, utilities, facilities management, furnishings, IT, refreshments are included in a fixed fee.


A serviced office also has communal areas (breakout spaces) that are shared by all tenants, these normally include a reception, lounges, meeting rooms, phone booths, kitchens and bathrooms & showers.  


Lease terms are flexible and can be as short as 1 month or as long as 36 or more, to enable businesses to scale up or down as required.


Below you’ll find a list of the typical services that are normally available in a

fully-managed business centre. Each provider is different and will either offer the full range of services or a handpicked selection.


What type of space can you rent in a serviced office?


Virtual Office

Enjoy the benefits of having one or more physical addresses for your business – ideal for registration and mailing purposes.

Hot Desk

A membership that gives you access to a workspace in a co-working area at one or multiple locations. This can be part-time or full-time depending on your needs.

Dedicated Desk

A dedicated desk in a shared co-working area or office shared with other companies. Typically this comes with your own storage and business address.

Private Office

A fully furnished, move-in ready private office that’s fully enclosed and fully lockable. Available for any business size, complete with IT, chairs, desks and furniture.

Managed Space

A hybrid between serviced and conventional leases, with all the right benefits but without the big commitment. Often with a private kitchen, bathrooms, board room(s) and sometimes even your own dedicated entrance.


Find out more about how to rent an office space, stress-free and efficiently in our Frequently Asked Questions page.